Our Story

FireSide’s Founder and CEO, Mike Davis, grew up in the business- from meter reader to salesman, to starting his own wholesale industrial natural gas marketing company in 1996, known as Energy Solutions (ESI). Under his leadership ESI remained profitable while providing competitive prices and personalized customer service.

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Mike had a vision to bring low-cost reliable service to residential and commercial customers in the State of Georgia. From that vision, FireSide Natural Gas was founded in 2007. FireSide experienced great success, growing to over 23,000 customers in 10 years. In the summer of 2017, after much consideration, Mike decided to change the focus of FireSide and transferred the residential book of business. Knowing the demands of running a business, Mike determined that his team could really make a difference in the bottom line of other businesses. Making it possible for executives to focus on what matters, the people and profitability of their companies and not the tedium of selecting a natural gas marketer. FireSide’s team of experienced and dedicated Major Account Representatives will make the gas buying process simple for busy decision makers.

The Brand is Made Crystal Clear

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FireSide Natural Gas is building its reputation based on its commitment to excellence. To that end, the alliances we create are always in support of our Vision and our best practices - the core of our brand promise. In developing our logo, our creative team worked with the world's leading glass designer, Hans Godo Frabel, to create an original concept for the FireSide mark.

The world-renowned Frabel Studio, located in Atlanta, is a valued member of our hometown. Presidents, statesmen, international heads of state, entertainers, business leaders, accomplished athletes and leading museums have received or own a coveted Frabel sculpture. They represent the best of the best.

Frabel shares FireSide's values as a "symbol of exceptional achievement" that demonstrate "excellence through excellence" - exactly how we conduct our natural gas business.

The method in which Frabel produces its works of art, flame work glass, allows for more detail because attention to detail delivers the best results. Frabel’s works of art are created out of borosilicate glass, one of the hardest and clearest glasses in the world. They are clear, pure and forthright. FireSide Natural Gas and Frabel are in agreement with what matters most.